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Hi, my name is Lauren Sellers, I've been married to an amazing man for 6 years and been a Disney lover for 30! My family is a Disney family, we love anything and everything Disney! I grew up owning every Disney movie out there, now that I am older I am trying to get as many trips in before kiddos come along!  (My husband I'm still trying to get on board loving Disney as much as I do....its a job)  I have so many memories at Disney that I can't pick just one! I have been on family vacations, girl trips, anniversary trip(just one Lol) and mother/daughter trips, all of them came with their own unique, magical experience. I guess you would say this is my passion! I want to make your experience at Disney just as great as mine, only Disney can provide you the magical part and they never disappoint! °O°

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Atlanta, GA and

Kansas City, MO

Florida Sellers of Travel License #: ST41637


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