Sabrina E.

West Virginia

I don’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t love Disney! I took my first trip to Walt Disney World when I was a baby and I still remember sitting on a curb in Mickey’s Birthdayland (a special land that opened in 1988 for Mickey’s 60th birthday), wearing a poofy short-sleeved blouse and teal bib overall shorts Minnie’s face on the chest, eating a Micke Ice Cream Bar. My first trip as an adult was for my college graduation and the fire was rekindled in my Disney loving heart. Over the next few years, my husband and I would visit any chance we got. Some years that was just going to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) because money was tight. When we had kids my love of Disney took on a whole new perspective.  Seeing the magic through their eyes reminds me of the little girl in the teal bibs with the Mickey Bar.


Planning trips as an adult has become an obsession and I share my Disney love everywhere. As an Army wife, I’ve discovered that it is hard to find information on discounts and travel that take into account the unique challenges of military families. I’ve spent countless hours finding out everything I can about Disney travel, particularly when it comes to military families so I can help others plan the trips of their dreams!

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