Best Quick Service lunch in each of Disney's theme parks

Walt Disney World offers hundreds of dining opportunities for its guests. While finding a cheeseburger and fries is fairly easy to do, the possibilities for amazing cuisine at quick service prices without the need for dining reservations are just as easy to find!

Magic Kingdom: Hands down, (in my humble opinion!) Be our Guest has the best quick service meal going at the Magic Kingdom. This French inspired restaurant takes its theme from Beauty and the Beast with the restaurant showcasing the ballroom, library and West Wing in its dining rooms. From hot sandwiches to fresh seared tuna salad, amazing French onion soup to decadent cupcakes, this meal will leave you visually stimulated and your palette completely satisfied.

Epcot: With all of the amazing dining options in Epcot it is hard to choose a favorite, but I personally keep returning to La Hacienda in the Mexican pavilion of the World Showcase. Fresh ingredients, amazing tacos and a great margarita enjoyed on the water (or in the air conditioned restaurant) provide a perfect lunch.

Hollywood Studios: Starring Roles wins my vote at Hollywood Studios. Gigantic sandwiches made with freshly baked bread and sliced meats followed by their signature cupcakes (they are most famous for the Butterfinger and Red Velvet cupcakes, but my personal favorite is the Darth Vader chocolate and peanut butter!).

Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree Bar-b-que takes top billing at the Animal Kingdom. The amazing smell of slowly cooking BBQ coming from the pit is surpassed only by tasting the deliciousness, my favorites, pulled pork sandwich or ribs. Yum!

Where are your favorite quick services spots "around the World"?

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