What should I take to the Park?

​What should I take to the parks with me?

Your trip is booked, dining reservations have been made, Fast Pass selections have been made, and now it is finally time to start packing for your trip. One reccurring question is “what should I take with me to the parks?” In theory I am a less is more person but then I am also a mom and sometimes those things don’t go together. For Disney trips I always ditch my purse and utilize a backpack. We have a fun Disney themed one that we typically use but any backpack will do – just make sure it is comfortable on your shoulders. Another reason I like the backpack is that anyone in the family can carry it and we often pass it around among us. Now the big question is what should I put in the bag?

  • Water Bottle – if you don’t like tap water a filtered water bottle is wonderful. You don’t want to use all of your snack credits purchasing water bottles so take one with you and fill it up as you go. You are walking a lot and it is important to stay hydrated.

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • A few snacks – we like granola bars but pack snacks that you and your children will enjoy. One hint – don’t pack anything too delicate because it may get mushed in the bottom of your bag.

  • Your phone and charger – we often check our aps for wait times or to confirm our reservation times (which I put in the calendar before we leave home) plus sometimes we separate and take kids to different activities so you want to make sure your phone has plenty of battery. We use a portable battery pack (there are so many on the market to pick from) and I highly recommend them.

  • Small first aid kit – with three boys someone is going to hurt themselves. My first aid kit includes bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, and pain reliever. While they have great first aid centers at all of the parks sometimes for a small scrape or a headache it is easier to just take care of it yourself.

  • Your camera – we love a small point and shoot waterproof camera. Again we take an extra charging cable and use our battery pack to charge the camera if needed.

  • ID – while you don’t really need your whole wallet it is helpful to have your ID with you. Especially if you plan to purchase alcoholic beverages (such as at Epcot).

  • If you have little ones a change of clothing is always recommended. You never know what is going to happen from spilling something on themselves at lunch to a potty accident because they were just having too much fun to stop. It is always helpful to have an entire outfit for them including new socks because who likes to wear wet socks all day. Place the new items in a ziplock bag and you will have something to put the dirty clothing back into.

  • If your children have a hard time waiting in lines consider a small game or toys. Many of the lines are interactive and entertaining but sometimes having something of your own is good too.

  • Last but not least don’t forget your autograph books, pens/sharpies, and/or trading pins.

Because things happen be sure to label your bag before you leave home and include a cell phone number on the label that you will have with you while on vacation.

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